Welcome to the Pexa Foundation!

The Pexa Foundation is not yet a registered non-profit yet, so we cannot accept donations.
You may donate directly to the Pexa Project


Pexa Project Website - Donations for PexaProject go here!
Pexa Foundation Website - Support only via referral links
PexaProject Discord Server - Chat with us! Pexa support and announcements

Pexa Foundation Twitter - You can find us on Twitter

EasyX Community Website - Services for EasyX.cc and Pexa.info managed by EasyX Community!
EasyX Community Mining Pool - Mine PEXA, PHL, BITC, LBC here! We use the PexaProject platform
EasyX Community Discord Server - Chat with us! EasyX Community & Mining support for EasyX Pool

Frei Exchange - You can find PEXA/Pexa at this cryptocurrency exchange

The Pexa Foundation was set up in December 2019 but is not yet a registered non-profit. As such, we do not take donations.
We ask that you forward your donations to the Pexa Project. There are no referral links on this page.